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Care Plus Complexion Gel 10% 舒緩抗菌凝膠 30ml 

  • 含有10%芐基過氧化物的暗瘡凝膠
  • 深入毛孔,消除引起粉刺的細菌
  • 定期使用,有助預防暗瘡生長。 背部和胸部佳宜
  • 適合粉刺、黑頭、白頭及暗瘡問題肌膚 (晚上用)
  • 主要成份: 過氧化苯甲酰10%,硫

This acne gel with 10% benzyl peroxide is formulated to penetrate deep into the pores and kill acne causing bacteria. Use on existing blemishes and regular use will help prevent future breakouts. Excellent for breakouts on the back and chest.
Ingredients: Benzyl Peroxide 10%, Sulfur.





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