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Care Plus Hyaluronic Serum 透明質酸精華素 30ml 

  • 提供無止盡的水份予肌膚
  • 保護肌膚緊緻有彈性
  • 有抗氧化療效,可減淺細紋
  • 令皮膚再生及修服細胞膜
  • 適合任何肌膚,由其是脱水肌膚
  • 主要成份: 透明質酸,黃瓜,鼠尾草和山金車,尿囊素

Hyaluronic Serum  1 oz/30ml   Charlotte Craig Signature Hyaluronic Serum gives the moisturizer a best friend.  Deep hydration of skin cells, plumps up skin tissue to soften wrinkles and lines.  Reduces appearance of spider veins, reduces appearance of rosacea.  Excellent post chemical peel humectant. Key Ingredients:  Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber, Sage and Arnica, Allantoin





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