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Care Plus Multi Fruit Pumpkin Peel 金絲瓜活酵煥膚素 50ml

  • 温和去除角質及促進表皮細胞再生
  • 有效清除毛孔内之污垢及平衡肌膚油脂分泌
  • 改善肌膚滑嫩度及亮澤度,達到抗老回春效果
  • 適合任何肌膚,尤其是暗瘡肌膚

This Multi Fruit Pumpkin Peel is naturally abundant in beta carotene and other skin beautifying nutrients and enzyme that rid dead cells, smoothing the skin giving its a youthful glow. Remove dead skin cells that may be obstructing healthy skin cell activity. Deliver anti-oxidants helps to repair and rejuvenate skin