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Care Plus Vitamin C Hydrating Freshener 維生素C保濕露 120ml

  • 具抗氧化作用
  • 回復肌膚天然的pH值
  • 讓肌膚對護膚品的吸收力加強
  • 具美白及調理肌膚作用
  • 適合任何肌膚
  • 主要成份: 維生素C,綠茶提取物,洋甘菊提取物,透明質酸,橙花提取物,泛醇(Pro維生素B-5)

This refreshing Vitamin C formulated toner contains rich antioxidants and vitamins nourish, hydrate and protect the skin from damaging free radicals.  Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Orange Blossom Extract, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B-5).





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